Project Type: Film


We love a celebration and the 20th anniversary of the Heritage Lottery funded project, Grafton Woods in Worcestershire was a lovely film to make about a nature reserve that was one of their early projects.. Filmed on location on a roasting hot day, we were on a mission to track down rare butterflies. The project showed how the HLF can work so well with other organisations- like the Wildlife Trust and Butterfly Conservation.

Neil Clements


Neil Clements is a disabled volunteer at the Mary Rose Museum. We often come away humbled by the people we meet and Neil Clements completely overwhelmed us. He was horribly injured in a parachute accident 22 years ago and had to re-learn how to speak, walk and communicate with people. He’s now a volunteer at the Mary Rose Museum where he loves telling people about this amazing ship that’s lain at the bottom of the sea covered by mud for 500 years. It really was an amazing film to make and to also be able to see the Mary Rose and hear its incredible story was a huge privilege. Also, for the second time, our film was again chosen as the featured film on the National Lottery’s live streaming Facebook results, which made us particularly proud.



More wellies! We are becoming experts in some unusual subjects- this time it was subsoiling. Get that right and all the crops, water courses and farmers are happy.

Sheep Dip

Just in case you think we have the life of Riley- always filming in the sunshine, this film about sheep dip was freezing! Up in Northumberland, the landscape was stunning but it was soooo cold.


Natural England Slurry

Oh we know how to live the high life with this one on slurry!  As long as there are wellies involved, we’re happy- and a bit ( or a lot) of slurry- and we’re like pigs in muck!


Natural England Shellfish

This Natural England film about shellfish forced us to go down to the beach on a gorgeous day. Natural England’s Catchment Sensitive Farming project really proved that working together can really make a difference.

Solutions for farmers

Natural England Farm Solutions



This was a film for Natural England looking at best practice for farmyards. As part of the Catchment Sensitive Farming initiative, farmers are urged to deal with pollution at the farmyard end before it reaches rivers and watercourses.

Another day for the wellies!

Sustainable Staffordshire

Sustainable Staffordshire

This was a film that won us an award! We made a film to persuade people in Staffordshire to be more environmentally aware. I made the film with Mike Jackson of Splash TV and we highlighted a few of the amazing things that were going on in Staffordshire

We were really chuffed when we won a category in the Staffordshire annual Green Awards.