About Harvest Creative


We can write, make professional films, deliver effective training and promote your organisation. We care about our clients and the environment and follow an ethical code.

  • We will make a film that you can use as an inspirational tool showing the range of your projects, your history, your hard-working staff, or anything else you choose.
  • We will write articles for magazines and newspapers, liven up the text on your website, compose your brochures and leaflets, and compile your newsletters.
  • We will train your staff to present you and your work to your best advantage to the press and the public.


How we work

Harvest Creative are broadcast specialists who have worked for BBC and ITV. We bring that quality of excellence to the films we make and the work we do, both visually and in the message. Anyone can make a film these days using a smart phone but our years of experience has taught us how to use images and words to actually prompt a result rather than just tick a marketing box. We work regularly for the Heritage Lottery Fund as a chosen partner, we have produced a series of films for Natural England, collaborated on a film with The Rivers Trust and have produced films for Transition Towns and Staffordshire County Council. We can also provide drone footage. Because we come from the media, we are able to help organisations get their message across better through media workshops and we can use words to make a potentially boring document interesting.

Key team members:

Shirley Mann is a former BBC producer/director who has worked for news and current affairs, regional TV and Countryfile. Her years as a journalist has spanned newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. She started Harvest as an environmental PR agency in 2000 and it has since grown to become a media specialist organisation. As former BBC Environment Producer, she works with clients who reflect her ethos and brings a passion and expertise to every project she tackles.

Hamish Scadding is an ITV trained cameraman and editor with nearly 20 years industry experience producing work for the broadcast, corporate and advertising industries. He has filmed around the world and is a licensed drone operator/cameraman.

We also bring in other specialists and work with Big Tank Productions on larger projects.