An inspiring story from the Mary Rose Museum

So, we’ve just finished our latest film for the Heritage Lottery Fund – the inspiring story of navy parachutist, Neil Clements, who was horrifically injured when his parachute failed to open. He had to re-learn how to speak and walk but is now a volunteer at the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth.

So many of these Changing Lives films for the HLF leave us breathless in our admiration of what people have achieved and all we have to do is tell their story in a way that will inspire people. It was an amazing filming experience- firstly to meet Neil and hear how he had spent 22 years fighting his way back from a coma to secondly being able to film at the incredible Mary Rose Museum where we saw the evidence of how history had lain undisturbed for 500 years under the mud.

There were challenges in that the Museum’s lighting is subdued to allow the old wood and artifacts to be protected but helped by the lovely staff at the Mary Rose, we were able to come up with a lovely film. But judge for yourself.


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