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That elusive butterfly

Firstly, I have a huge sympathy for David Attenborough’s camera crews. Go and film a piece about the rare brown hairstreak butterfly, the Heritage Lottery Fund said.

Ok, so off we go to Grafton Woods in Worcestershire. We have half an hour to find the butterfly. Lovely place, full of butterflies.White ones. Blue ones. Tortoiseshell ones.

Hmm, something missing.

Hamish is out there, camera poised.

There’s one!

It flew like a Tornado jet above our heads. Well, I was told it was a brown-hairstreak but you could have fooled me.

Well we got what we wanted but I’m not going to reveal how!  Watch the final film here

We had lots of lovely people to talk to and we made a  film everyone was delighted with but strangely, I’ve decided not to apply to Blue Planet! They spend three weeks under a canopy to get one shot and I’m pretty confident they’ve never managed to film a brown hairstreak!


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