Culture Comms 2017

There are days when you need a new scarf to drape casually around your shoulders and the Culture Comms conference 2017 was one such moment.

I’d been asked to chair the broadcast panel with a terrifyingly impressive quartet- Kirsty Wark and Stephen Wright from BBC, Nina Nannah from ITV and Amy Hitchcock from Sky. Last year I was on the panel –and I had a new scarf for that one too!

It was such a privilege and they were so welcoming to all the comms people who were there, telling them how to contact them, what sort of stories they wanted and how to find the best outlets for their ideas. It’s so lovely when people from my sector of the industry are actually really nice people!

Culture Comms is a brilliant day for people in PR and marketing for some of the biggest- and smallest- museums, heritage organisations and the arts and it was a great chance to chat, swap ideas and hear about what’s going on out there. It was also interesting to hear about The Wellcome Trust who hosted the day.

Hope they invite me back next year!

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